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EDOLIE: Okay, I sent it.
LOUIS: Sweet. So, while we’re waiting, Francine, do you think you could elaborate on what you found now? I think I may have found that compartment thing where the buttons are on my TV… I didn’t open it though. I just kind of glanced at it, y’know, out of the corner of my eye. And speaking of which, I need to go take my contacts out.
FRANCINE: Please do, so you don’t end up with irritated eyes again. Also, please excuse me, Louis, but I still cannot relay such information to you just yet. One of the reasons being that it would be unjust to explain anything without the presence of Kurt; he’d miss out on what was said. In due time, I will reveal all that I know.
LOUIS: It’s like they dry out really fast for some reason. Maybe it’s the brand? Or maybe they’re just old. Uh, yeah, anyway… Sorry for asking again, and I get it, we don’t wanna leave Kurt out or anything. I spoke to him by the way, so hopefully he should call back soon or something. But, it’s like, the longer I sit here, the more eager I become. Maybe I’m just being impatient, but it’s just so hard. I’m in need of a distraction!

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