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{Conversation between FRANCINE and EDOLIE has started.}

EDOLIE: Francine? Hi! I was just calling you to tell you that I did, in fact, manage to find my TV! It turns out that it was in the basement; my Aunt had already slapped a yard sale sticker on it. She was going to sell it, but luckily I got to it in time! I remembered all by myself. I didn’t even have to use a sticky note or write on my hand!
FRANCINE: Congratulations, Edolie. It seems as if you’re getting better at this self-assigned memory challenge every day.
EDOLIE: Yes! I feel like it gets easier every time, but I still mess up sometimes. Even now, I can’t really remember what else I was supposed to do… The TV thing is checked off my mental list, and so is brushing Bonsbee, but there was something else that I was supposed to do.
FRANCINE: Did it have something to do with buying a gas mask for Bonsbee?
EDOLIE: Yes! Wait… No… But thanks for reminding me about that too… I’ve got to hurry up and get one for him; the spray paint fumes aren’t good for his health… Umm… But… Hopefully, it’ll hit me later.
FRANCINE: I do hope so. But yes, since you and Louis already have your televisions set up, that means the only person we have yet to hear from is Kurt. I was supposed to contact you, but you beat me to the phone.
EDOLIE: Contact me about what?
FRANCINE: Getting your television set up.
EDOLIE: Oh, yes… What about Kurt? Are you going to call him after we finish up?
EDOLIE: Why not? Are you nervous about it?
FRANCINE: No. Louis told me that he was going to contact Kurt when I spoke with him. What would make you think that, if I may ask?
EDOLIE: I don’t know. Sorry, I was just curious I guess… It took a little bit of courage for me just to call you and you’re my friend! I sometimes worry that when I call someone I know, I might distract them from something more important, or that I am suddenly bothering them.
FRANCINE: It’s fine; I understand what you mean. You can’t possibly be the only person in the world who feels that way. Just know that whenever you contact me, I’ll never feel bothered. Think of me as a friend on standby.
EDOLIE: Aww thanks, Francine. That made me feel a little bit better. Say, have you ever thought of becoming a counselor?
FRANCINE: I’m happy to help you any time. And no, that has… Never crossed my mind.
EDOLIE: I can see you now– In a special room with a fancy leather chair and a tiny brown desk that has a little white mug sitting on it. Ooh, and you could even have a bunch of pencils in an itsy-bitsy yellow basket for people to grab when they stop by. It would probably feel stuffy in there, though… Oh yeah, and you could even have a name tag on your desk with your name in all caps engraved in it to enforce your authoritative, but kind, aura. Maybe you should take time to look into it— only if you want to, of course! But hey, I’ll get back to you later, okay? I want to hurry up and finish this spray painting before tomorrow.
FRANCINE: You have quite the imagination. But yes, okay, Edolie. Good luck.

{Conversation between FRANCINE and EDOLIE has ended.}

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